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Men has it all. This megasite provides a massive amount of content for just about any interest, including a large about of exclusive content. Face it. A LOT of porn is boring, especially since the internet makes so much of it available for free and with a quick click. So why pay for a porn site? If you look at and you can't tell the difference between the same old thing you will see on most other sites and this site, then you are not really looking. Quality + Quantity + Originality! If you couldn't care less about the stars or the story or the concept, then this probably isn't the site for you. If however, you are looking for something that really gets into both your heads, then this IS the site. Join and see what you think!

Visit Badpuppy, The oldest & largest Gay website of it's kind. Featuring near 1 million images, spread over 500,000 pages of Gay content and resources. What ever your looking for, your sure to find it here! Images, Live Sex, Video Clips, Streaming Video, Erotic Stories, Contributors, Action Galleries, Amateur Galleries and more. Truly THE Gay portal on the Internet!

Club Amateur
Everyone has something that really turns them on and for some people, watching guys (gay or straight) get massages that lead to them losing control and not being able to stop from cumming is pretty hot. Club Amateur is filled with a LOT of content including massage porn and more. If you are looking for hot amateurs involved in all types of 'play', then this could be the site for you. Sign up to check out the massive amount of content available. You could spend months on this site alone and never think to look for other porn.

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