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Sean Cody
It's amazing what some straight guys will do for a little cash. Sean Cody has some of the hottest guys, performing solo, and with other guys...some for their very first time. And every now and then, he films a jerk off competition to see which hot guy can shoot the farthest. Definitely worth it!

Cruising For Sex
If you are just looking to watch guys, then Sean Cody above would be better for you, but if you are actually looking for the real thing in real life, then check out Cruising For Sex. Find horny guys near you who are ready for sex now.

Badpuppy has some of the hottest sites around, including a number of sites focused on 'amateurs'. Seriously, this site has so many hot options, especially if you are into jocks and twinks and porn-with-a-plot, although there is plenty of just plain fucking too. Get your cum rag and lube out and sign up to see how fast it flips your switch!

Club Amateur
Everyone has something that really turns them on and for some people, watching guys (gay or straight) get massages that lead to them losing control and not being able to stop from cumming is pretty hot. Club Amateur is filled with a LOT of content including massage porn and more. If you are looking for hot amateurs involved in all types of 'play', then this could be the site for you. Sign up to check out the massive amount of content available. You could spend months on this site alone and never think to look for other porn.

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